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Meet James Simon Misibinijima

James Simon Mishibinijima is one of the preeminent international native artists with a stunning catalog of breathtaking art that hangs in galleries, museums, government and corporate buildings in Canada, and beyond. Mish Art is dedicated to showcasing the unique beauty and cultural significance of Indigenous art. We strive to connect our audience with the rich traditions and contemporary expressions of Indigenous artists, including James Simon Mishibinijima and his incredible body of work.


Manidoo Art produces fine art reproductions and quality prints, art cards, books and more featuring the art of Mishibinijima. All products produced by Manidoo Art are 100% made in Canada by Canadians and are made from the highest quality materials available. Thank you for supporting a Canadian artist and our 100% proudly made-in-Canada products.

Dan Graham
James Simon Mishibinijima

Manidoo Art Partners

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